As a think tank Elements of Euclid creates an academic and economically independent community for scientists from different disciplines to work on projects concerning complex phenomena. Our think tank offers scientists from mathematics, natural sciences, philosophy and sociology an academic sphere in which new ideas are prepared, developed and shared.

We also organize and promote scientific projects beyond the universities e.g. scientific workshops and conferences. In particular, we seek new avenues for interdisciplinary approaches that play an important role in the development of intelligent machines.

Interdisciplinary projects are welcome. Our contemporary focus is on artificial intelligence.

Elements of Euclid – what we are doing:

Currently our projects focused on the following research areas:

  • Applied Mathematics – particularly mathematical statistics, stochastic analysis & optimization
  • Data Science / Big Data – understanding real world phenomena by producing insights in their data representations
  • Machine Learning – producing data driven predictions by mathematical reconstruction of dependencies
  • Artificial Intelligence – development of algorithms that interacts autonomously with some environment based e.g. on data insights and predictions
  • Analysis of Complex Systems in Social and Natural Sciences

The Evoluton of AI

Additionally our b2b-company works for other companies in the following business areas:

  • Mathematical Project Development & Mathematical Consulting
  • Recruiting for mathematics particularly for machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science

(A) Mathematical Project Development:

  • We develop tailor-made, algorithmic solutions for currently unsolved, mathematical problems and other open questions following natural scientific, economic or sociological motivations. To this end, we also pursue cooperation with other academic institutions. Furthermore we launch new startups for particularly promising projects that are concerned with augmented cognition phenomena.

(B) Mathematical Consulting / Recruiting:

  • On the one hand, we counsel and help other companies with our mathematical competence that are facing mathematical obstacles developing their own products and hence need technical consulting.
  • On the other hand, the digitalization of the service sector has led surprisingly quickly to a market situation, in which customers are also interlinked and appear to companies in the function of contracting entities. From a mathematical point of view, the embedding of a company in a local market can be described as an adaptive, stochastic, complex system with complex dynamics. In such systems resonance and cascade effects occur that render any horizontal planning of business processes ineffective.

In such cases, we offer to develop data-driven, mathematical analyzes that allow us to understand e.g. social or economic effects and to realize some sort of adaptive control.

In sum, our mathematical core competences are:

  • Machine Learning / Predictive Modeling / Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Computer Vision / Reinforcement Learning  / Multi-Agent Systems
  • Numerics of ode’s & pde’ s
  • Statistical Data Analysis / Stochastic Analysis / Signal Processing
  • Discrete & Large-Scale Optimization / Discrete Math / Operations Research
  • Analysis of Adaptive or Physical Complex Systems / Complexity Theory

Important conferences on AI: