As a business incubator we work with companies on different fields:

  • mathematical project development particularly on topics from digitalization e.g. data driven optimization
  • mathematical recruiting
  • scientific consulting

To this end we have build up a team of scientists that have proven their excellence in their own academic research projects and look back on years of experience in industrial careers.

Mathematical Project Development:

Developing a new product or making significant updates might require mathematical competence specialized in technical applications for a limited period of time. In order to bridge this gap we develop detailed technical strategies to realize such projects and we offer to implement algorithms tailored to the application on focus.

Scientific Consulting:

It is well known that real innovations create their own, specific and completely new applications that go far beyond the current needs of a limited market: Computers as an application of quantum mechanics or the internet as an application of the mathematical theory of signal processing are good examples that illustrate the transformative power of new ideas. The important conclusion from such examples is, that in all these cases the traditional method of use case analysis loses its innovative force. This is due to the fact that in all of these examples the innovative force is shifted to the imagination of a technical understanding: only a technical mind will have the predictive creativity to imagine probable outcomes of the clashes of traditions and innovations. The research fellows of Elements of Euclid are well prepared for such kind of challenges since they have already proven that they are border crossers between different scientific disciplines.

Comparable conditions also arise when a technical application is in a very early stage of development and is still lacking the grade of maturity that is needed for reasonable outsourcing. In both cases we offer scientific consulting that aims to bring project ideas of an early stage in the daily workflow.

According to our vision for the development of a new mathematized economic sector that exceeds the redistribution of wealth, a think tank like Elements of Euclid is promising to foster real innovations and hence to provide a way out of two well known but unsolved miseries: one is coming from a stagnant number of paid working hours compared to more and more increasing number of labor market participants. And the other one is coming from the nowadays fast increasing number of failed AI-projects.

With this in mind, we are not only pursuing our own, but also promote external, mathematical projects on complex problems which were not possible or not viable for companies before digitalization and its technologies started.

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