The Art of AI

The almost linear increasing complexity of social and economic phenomena is a challenge and a chance for all of us.

The chance for mankind is twofold:

  • Intelligent machine services on complex problems like translation or pattern recognition will allow us to augment our understanding of many phenomena.
  • Autonomous machines, thinking in their own way to develop or search for new complex approaches, will allow us to augment our creativity and range of productivity.

In sum, artificial intelligence will augment human cognition by dealing with complexity using artificial reasoning.

It is the mission of Elements of Euclid to translate complexity into mathematical terms thereby making it approachable to data based analyses and reasonable influence.

We are a mathematical think tank, influencer and business incubator working on complexity and AI-augmented cognition.

Driven by our mission we offer

  • as a think tank an economically independent academic community to scientists from various fields.
  • as a business incubator mathematical innovations.
  • as a key influencer cooperations with media or organizations and consulting on technical topics.